Scott Wright


New Zealand Hearing is Wanaka’s only Full-Time Audiology provider. It’s founder, Scott Wright has close to 20 years experience as an audiologist.

He was one of the founders of Bay Audiology in New Zealand. He co-owns Bay Audio in Australia and Asia.

He was granted the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor for 6 years at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee for his innovative delivery of hearing healthcare. Vanderbilt is ranked as the leading Audiology program in the world.

He has spoken professionally at ENT conferences.

He has taken part in Humanitarien Audiology trips to The Cook Islands and Pitcairn Island.

Scott Wright New Zealand Hearing

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  • Picked up my in ear earplugs yesterday. Amazing product and highly recommended. Thanks Scott.

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    Tony Arnerich

Why are we different ?

  • 20 years experience
  • Full time
  • International experience
  • Recognized by our peers
  • Same day treatment
  • High quality equipment